How to apply polygel nail

Thank you for choosing Tomicca products. Please read this guide with the tutorial video makes it easier for you to apply TOMICCA polygel nail

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1. Trim your nails. File and clean the nail surface and edge.

2. Apply base coat and cure under UV/LED lamp for 120/60s.

3. Select suitable dual forms and set aside.

4. Slice and pick up poly gel. Put it on the dual form.

5. Wet the brush in slip solution.

6. Shape the poly gel on the dual form.

7. Apply the dual form to the whole nail.

8. Cure under UV/LED lamp for 120/60s.

9. Remove the dual form.

10. File and shape the nail extension.

11. Apply top coat and cure under UV/LED lamp for 120/60s.

12. Nail extension is done.



  • Please cover nail edges during each application of gel nail polish, sealing the gel to avoid peeling off and chipping.
  • Always ensure the current nail polish layer is dry before apply next layer.
  • Wrap the tips of the nails when you apply each layer.
  • Please do not apply to damaged or infected nails.
  • Nail polish will become sticky in cold weather,suggest you soak the polish in warm water for a while,which help nail polish recover thinner.