Polygel 6 Colors Starter Kit 002 (Butter Cookie Kit)

$59.99 $89.99

polygel nail kit with LED lamp 02

Note: This kit is not available in Australia

  • Easy-operation & Money saving: luxury polygel kit matching with several practical tools will meet all your needs throughout the operation. Only one set of polygel kit is enough to do your manicure 20 times, save your money and also save you the trouble of going to the nail salon.
  • Long-lasting: the product is just as light and natural as your own nails. Firmer texture and longer-lasting effect than hard gel can save you trouble in three weeks or even longer. For the better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can last the nail much longer. 
  • Healthy & eco-friendly: Selected natural ingredient contributes to the polygel’s environmentally friendly. The dense quality of the polygel makes it so easy to shape that even the starter can operate freely. And also, it can firmly adhere to the finger during the operation without being easily displaced and deformed.

# What You Get:

  • 1. LED lamp,
  • 2. 15g polygel *6 colors,
  • 3. 8ml base coat *1,
  • 4. 8ml top coat *1,
  • 5. slip solution*1,
  • 6. Dual forms 50 pcs in 10 sizes,
  • 7. Dual-ended nail brush & Spatula *1,
  • 8. Dual-ended cuticle pusher & Spoon nail cleaner *1,
  • 9. 150/240 Nail file *1,
  • 10. 100/180 Nail file *1

How to apply polygel:

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