Do you have the right nail shape?

Referr to picture above. Nail shape is the first thing that we need to consider before applying gel polish or dip powder. Whether we care the shape or not, we need to shape our nails first. Let's have brief guide about nail shapes.


Suitable: short nails or narrow nail beds.

Square nails have been around since the 1970s. Its front edge is flat with straight sharp corener. Because of the sharp corner, it's getting more easily to chip at the ends, especially if you use your hands a lot or type frequently on a computer. Square corners increase the chance that your nails catch on something or break off.


Suitable: short nails or narrow nail beds.

Squoval shape is an alternative to the square shape. It's getting popular in the mid 90s. Princess Diana championed the squoval shape and turned it into a demure and feminine look. We would recommand you squoval shape if you want a square look, because it won't chipping or breaking at the corner very often as suqare shape.


Suitable: short or medium nails

As a classic shape, round shape is a symbol if wealth in the 19 cenury and early 20 century. Back then, those who maintained clean nails were considered wealthy and round nails are easy to keep clean. Itstarts with straight sides but curve at the edges to follow the natural shape of the fingertip.


Suitable: short or medium nails

Beside the nail tips, oval nail shape is also care about the side edges. The curvature of oval nails is more extreme than round nails, so it tends to make fingers look more slender. The oval shape is inherently more resistant to certain types of breakage (this is why Romans used archs to support their bridges!). An oval shape evenly distributes weight as well as other forces of sudden impact making it less likely to chip and break. This shape is often confused with round and almond. If you have a little length and looking for minimal upkeep, this could be the shape for you!


Suitable: mediun or longer length nails

The almond shape was a big hit in the 1940s and 50s. Celebrities like Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor were often photographed wearing red almond nails. It became a sign of elegance then. The almond shape requires some length so those who favor short nails typically stay away from this shape. Nails are filed along the sides and the nail wall is tapered to end in a round peak, similar to the shape of an almond. This shape is also best suited for those with thicker nails that can hold the structure. If you have brittle nails and desire this shape, we recommend adding some structure to your nail with a gel manicure.


Suitable: mediun or longer length nails

Coffin became a trend in recent years. As you can tell from the shape, it resembles a coffin and is typically reserved for those who favor acrylics and who don’t mind sacrificing a little functionality for drama. Given the shape and length of the nails, it can be cumbersome. Every day tasks like typing on a computer or even picking up a pencil can be more difficult at first especially if you are transitioning from short square, round or squoval nails. 


Suitable: mediun or longer length nails

This shape looks like almond but it has much sharper tip. Because of the sharper nail tip, it would break or chip more easily. If you are looking for a nail shape lasting longer, this is not the right shape for you.


Overall, choosing nail shape depends on your nail care goals, nail routine, and aesthetic preferences. The good news is that experimenting with your nail shape is pretty low risk. Unlike a tattoo, your nail shape isn’t permanent and you can always change it. Now, which color?